Falconry at Adrenalin Jungle

falconry in the heart of sherwood forest

Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham - Falconry Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham - Falconry Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham - Falconry Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham - FalconryAdrenalin Jungle Nottingham - FalconryAdrenalin Jungle Nottingham - FalconryAdrenalin Jungle Nottingham - Falconry  
From £45.00 per person
Min age: 8 (8-16s need supervision)
Min group size: 1 person for set dates
12 people for exclusive
Event duration: 2 - 2.5 hours
Availability: 1st Sunday of each month or 7 days a week for exclusive
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We offer a real hands on experience where you will have the opportunity to actually handle and fly these magnificent birds.

Our professional bird handler will bring several different birds of prey and will share his in depth knowledge of the birds, as well as providing an expert demonstration during the course of the event.

Hawk Walk
A Hawk Walk is the perfect way to experience first hand how to fly and handle a bird of prey. This is a totally 'hands on' experience.  Selected dates available throughout the year. This event is weather dependant.

This consists of approximately an hours walk and whilst walking you will learn all about the Harris Hawk and how they live and hunt in the wild. At the same time you will be calling the bird down to the fist for a piece of food.

This activity is called a Hawk Walk, but the emphasis is on the Hawk and not the walk. We do not have a set route to follow and you can go at your own pace! Suitable for even those who don't like exercise!

How much does it cost?

£45 per person for set dates running throughout the year (see below).
For a private event for up to 12 people the cost is £400.
A deposit per person is just required in advance to secure the booking. (Deposits are non refundable or transferable). See below for smaller group sizes.

How long does this activity last?

2 - 2.5hrs regardless of group size, while you may have smaller numbers costing more per head you will have more hands on time with the birds.

When is the event available?

For a private booking then this is available on most dates.
For smaller groups sizes then we have selected dates available throughout the year.

Our next Shared Bird of Prey dates throughout 2013 are:
7th April
5th May
2nd June
7th July
4th August
1st September
6th October
3rd November
1st December

Vouchers are also available from the office from £47 per person.

Spectators - As this event is very visual, spectators are not normally permitted. However if you are accompanying someone who is participating in the experience, spectator slots can be booked in advance with a charge of £25 per person. As a spectator you will get the chance to see the birds and get up close, but you will NOT be flying them or included on the Hawk Walk.

How to book this event

To book Falconry Experience in Nottingham just give our events co-ordinators a call on The Adrenalin Jungle number
0800 952 4232 or for exclusive bookings you cam just click on the 'book now' button above.

What about the weather?

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather and as we are talking about living, breathing animals, who do not naturally fly in rain or high winds, this event may be cancelled in these conditions. Any events cancelled will be rescheduled at a convenient date.

Want More?

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What about add on Events?

When you book this event why don't you add Quad Biking, Paintball or 4x4?

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