Heart-pumping action at Adrenalin Jungle


Human Football - Adrenalin Jungle Human Football Nottingham Human Football  Adrenalin Jungle Adrenalin Jungle Human Football Human Football  Adrenalin JungleAdrenalin Jungle Human Football  
£20.00 per person
Min age: 8
Min group size: 12 people on weekends
16 people on weekdays
Event duration: 40-60 minutes
Availability: 7 days a week
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Our Human Table Football is a giant inflatable version of the popular bar room table football game and is great fun.

5 Players from each team take up their set positions on the playing poles. The poles slide from side to side across a giant inflatable pitch but prevent the players from moving forward and backwards just like the standard table game.

The team sizes can range from 5 to 8 a side and whilst there are only 5 players on the pitch for your team at any one time, players get sent off regularly during the match ensuring all are kept on their toes and involved for the duration of the event.

A soft football is used and the activity is suitable for all abilities and ages from 8 upwards.

The ref’s decision is always final so beware! Referees have been known to send players off for having loud hair, big moustaches or even for wearing silly shoes and you will definately need a sense of humour to play this game!

Human Table Football is a hilarious and an unusual game and can be added to any of our other activities for a totally fun filled team based experience.

Your package includes all equipment, any protective clothing and event supervision.

Minimum numbers to run this event is 12 people but it can easily accommodate 25 – 30 people on a round robin format.

How to book this event

To book a place on our Human Table Football event in Nottingham - just give our events co-ordinators a call on The Adrenalin Jungle number 0800 952 4232.

A 50% deposit is required when booking to secure the event. (N.B Deposits are strictly non refundable or transferable)

What about the weather?

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather over Nottingham - but only in the event of high winds would the event be cancelled as we are based in woodland.

What about add on Events?

When you book this event why don't you add Quad Biking, Paintball, Laser Tag or Jungle Warrior? 

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