Something for the Girls at Adrenalin Jungle


Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham SOMETHING FOR GIRLS Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham SOMETHING FOR GIRLS Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham SOMETHING FOR GIRLS
Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham SOMETHING FOR GIRLSAdrenalin Jungle Nottingham SOMETHING FOR GIRLS
Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham SOMETHING FOR GIRLS
Adrenalin Jungle Nottingham Something for GirlsAdrenalin Jungle Nottingham SOMETHING FOR GIRLSAdrenalin Jungle Nottingham SOMETHING FOR GIRLS


Quading, Assault Course & Archery              £72 per person

Laser Tag, Assault Course & Archery                   £60 per person

Quading, Blindfold Driving &  Assault Course     £72 per person

Quading &  Assault Course      
                                  £52 per person

Paintball 100 & Archery           
                                  £26 per person

Please calll the Office on
0800 952 4232 if you would like to book any of these packages

fROM £20.00 per person
Min age: 16
Min group size: 8 dependant on events
Event duration: 1hr dependant on events
Availability: Saturdays & Sundays
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This page is dedicated to all you ladies out there!

Some of our female organisers have been worried that we are too male orientated and we want to reassure you all that this is not the case at all at The Adrenalin Jungle its fun for all!

Have a look at our range of activities and our sample packages so you don't have to let the boys have all the fun!

Please click on the link for info about each activity:

Woodland Quad Trek

The Jungle Assault Course


4 x 4 Blindfold Driving

Off Road 4 x 4 Driving


Laser Tag


Woodland Quad Trek
The trek is set in 150 acres of Woodland in the heart of Sherwood Forest. We have six different stages designed to make sure that there is something for everyone - even the first timers. As long as there are 6 or more in the group, you will have an exclusive session so you wont be mixed in with any petrol heads. This means your group can go at their own pace ensuring you have chance to take in the wonderful scenery.
During your trek you will be travelling over mud banks through water troughs and you will be laughing your heads off possibly the odd scream, but all in the name of fun. Give us a call and have the biggest thrill on 4 wheels money can buy!
£32.00 per person

The Jungle Assault Course
Looking for something different to do with the girls - this is an absolute cracker!
We challenge you to a head to head challenge over the Adrenalin Jungle assault course. Set across two acres, this course has all the usual suspects: the scramble net, Burma bridge, rope swings, a steep wall and much more. Each girl must complete each element of the course before the rest of the girls can move on.
Easy you say, well maybe for you but each obstacle challenges a different fear - a tight space, a blacked out hole (there may be spiders in there!) a high wall or a wide ravine to swing over.
A great way to clear a hangover as well as seeing which one of you can scream the loudest? Oh and you will probably get VERY muddy, but what a great way to have fun with the girls!
You might want to leave your Manolo Blahniks at home for this one and you certainly will deserve a glass of wine at the end of the day!
£20.00 per person.

Now then, every girl must have seen Robin Hood either in the movies or has just a little crush on the guy whos played him in the TV series and we know that every girl has a secret desire to be Maid Marion - well here's your chance. There is no better place to try Archery at first hand than in the heart of Sherwood Forest.
The Archery Range is set in a glade in the middle of
the woodland, with targets set at varied distances aiming to provide everyone with the chance to hit
the bullseye.
£20 per person.

4 x 4 Blindfold Driving
It is a fact that women are better drivers than men and here's the way to prove it - drive round an obsticle course blindfolded and then go home and brag to the other half!
The blindfold element of the 4 x 4 driving means that you are completely disorientated and you don’t even know if you're going forwards or backwards. Everyone has the chance to drive and give instructions to their team mates - that is if you can hear over the top of all the screaming and that includes the instructor too!
£20 per person.

Off Road 4 x 4 Driving
An off road experience that really hits the mark. Under the watchful eye of our instructor the girls will have a chance to push their driving skills to the limit and be amazed by what these 4 x 4 's can really do!
For this event you can have up to three passengers on board with you as you tackle the challenge of Off Road Driving. Don't think 4 x 4's are just for getting the kids to school!
£37.00 per person for a shared drive.
You will need a minimum of 3 people and you will get a total drive time of aprox 15-20 mins per person.

It doesnt hurt .... that much! I'd admit this isnt for everyone but why let the boys have all the fun and we know you've secretly always wanted to be GI Jane!
You can book a half day paintball session (or a full day if you're feeling really adventurous) and then add another couple of activities making it a real fun day out at The Jungle. Just to let you know we do provide body armour for all ladies and our staff are fully trained to make sure the weekend Rambos don't ruin your fun.
From £15.00 per person*
*This is for the Jungle 'Corporal' Package where you will get 8/10 games a tea and coffee available throughout the day and your first 200 paintballs. Other packages are available so checkout our paintball page.

Laser Tag
Now then, this doesn't hurt at all - Hurrah! There are no projectiles so no risk of impact or bruising, no messy paintballs, but all the thrill of the chase. Thats what the girls want to hear!
This is the very latest event to be added to the Adrenalin Jungle activity base and we are really proud to be able to offer you the chance to run around like Lara Croft - hotpants optional!
Using state of the art laser beam technology you can play out all your adventure dreams in our purpose built laser tag arenas in the heart of the Forest.
So do you and the girls fancy yourself as Charlies Angels - well here's your chance! 
£20 per person for 2hrs.

We offer a real hands on experience where you will have the opportunity to actually handle and fly these magnificent birds. Our professional bird handler will bring several different birds of prey and will share his in depth knowledge of the birds, as well as providing an expert demonstration during the course of the event.
Hawk Walk
Hawk Walk is the perfect way to experience first hand how to fly and handle a bird of prey. This is a totally 'hands on' experience. This event is weather dependant.This is approximately an hour walk and while walking you will learn all about the Harris Hawk and how they live and hunt in the wild. All the time calling the bird down to the fist for a piece of food.
For a private event for up to 12 people the cost is £400.
2hrs regardless of group size. While you may have smaller numbers costing more per head, you will have more hands on time with the birds