Mobile Events

Are you looking to organise a company day out, school trip or gathering a large group of friends and family together for an  Adrenalin fueled day?? Are you amazed at the cost of the transportation of getting your group to us? Do you have access to private land at your workplace or a sport Perhaps [...]

The Paintball Jungle back on the small screen

Following the amazing success of the of the 1st series of The Paintball Show which screened earlier in the year, this winter Sky will be hosting its own PAINTBALL CHANNEL with a range of programs scheduled to give a wide and diverse look at the paintball world. As part of the 2nd series of the [...]

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Adrenalin Jungle goes back to college!!!

Central College Nottingham Fresher’s Fair As a new batch of prospective intellect enter their 1st week of college The Adrenalin Jungle was on hand at 4 of Central College Nottingham’s campuses to let them know that all work and no play makes Jack or Jill a very dull student!! The Adrenalin Jungle offers a range of [...]

Jungle School Days

No that’s not the staff of The Jungle going back to school to brush up on its algebra (well that’s what they were teaching when I was there) this is just to let you know that if you are having a nightmare organising your next school trip because of cost of transporting the kids to [...]

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Forest Holidays Sherwood Forest: 10% discount

It pays to LIKE Adrenalin Jungle Hi guys in the current climate any discount is a good thing and because of our working relationship with Forest Holidays who own and manage the amazing log cabins in Sherwood Pines we have secured a discount code just for friends and family of The Adrenalin Jungle. So whether [...]

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Junior Cadet Days continue to be popular

The Paintball Jungle saw one of its biggest Cadet Days last month with over 40 12 - 16 year olds taking part. The Cadet days are ideal if you are 12 -16 years old or the parent of one and are looking to arrange a paintball event / party for a birthday, school trip or end [...]

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Did you pack your own Segway Sir!

Not your normal holiday luggage I can tell you and to be honest the 1st picture is a little misleading but we could not pass up the opportunity as we were so close to it!! The Adrenalin Jungle was asked to provide some lunchtime entertainment to the Senior Managers meeting for the Thistle hotel chain [...]

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A Mass of Super Hero’s

Now we are not sure what the collective term is for a gathering of superhero’s but let us tell you on Wednesday the 14th of August at Wollaton Park there was masses of them. Adrenalin Jungle was asked to bring along some of its event to offer visitors to the Annual Superhero’s picnic something to [...]

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Everyone’s Russian around at the Jungle

Adrenalin Jungle was proud to welcome back for the 3rd consecutive year Camp Russia http://www.camp.ru/ who organise supervised trips for Russian students looking to find out more about Robin Hood Country. We have just received the following Dear Don, Thank you very much for another great day we had at Adrenalin Jungle! Kids always love [...]

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We Are Back!

Sorry folks you may have noticed that we've not been keeping our blog very up to date but the good news is we're back and we've got lots to update you on! Unfortunately however we have had a technical problem with our Server Providers and 12 months of Blogs have gone missing, which we are [...]

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