Hunter Games Nottingham

Hunter Games at £40 per person


  • The per person cost is £40
  • Minimum No required to book an exclusive events i.e. just you and your guest is 10 but the events works even better for 14 _ 20 guest
  • The event will last approx 2 hour
  • All protective equipment and event supervision included
  • Minimum age is 12 years + but there must be at least 2 adults in a group


At Adrenalin Jungle we never like to stand still so we are proud to introduce the latest craze in combat style events that being Combat Archery. After the world wide success of The Hunger Games we have seen a huge increase in traditional archery and knife and axe throwing bookings, Adrenalin Jungle’s Hunter

Games takes this kind of event to the next level.

After being put through your paces on our traditional Archery range and Knife and Axe throwing stations you will get to put your HUNTER instincts to the test, using the most up to date combat archery equipment on the market and you will get to battle head to head with your friends on our Archery Combat Field.

This is not a TYPO you will actually get to fire bespoke arrows at your nearest and dearest. The arrows have a specially designed foam tip so you won’t all be going home with random piercings!! But you will get an amazing buzz of potentially knocking one of your friends off their feet as your arrow flies straight and true

before hitting them square in the chest.

Katniss from Hunger Games would be right at home hear but the question is are you going to be THE ONE left standing or the FIRST GONE!

So grab your BOW and lest go find out!

Hunter Games Event Information

A private event is available at weekends for groups of 10 or more and during the week for groups of 14 or more.

The event duration is 2 hour with the time split between the 3 hunter activity’s those being traditional archery, knife and axe throwing and combat archery.

Sessions are run commencing at 10 am, 12 noon or 2 pm.

The event can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 16 guests at a time. However if you have a large group to entertain we can book you a double session and if you want to make sure everyone is kept busy you could add another activity to your booking so we can keep everyone active and engaged.

The minimum age we accommodate on this event is 12 years old but please note we need to have at least 2 participating adults on each sessions but if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to book Hunter Games in Nottingham

To book a place on our Hunter Games, it’s simple – just get your group organised and agree a date, click on the ‘book now’ button below

If you would rather book over the phone or if have less than 6 in your party give our events co-ordinators a call on The Adrenalin Jungle number 01623 883980.

The per person cost for this event is £40

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Need More Info?

We understand that you may have questions or need more information prior to making a booking with us. If so please call and speak to one of our human beings on 01623 883980.

Or, Click here to Enquire Now by email if you prefer.

What about the weather?

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather over Nottingham – but only in the event of high winds would the Archery Nottingham event be cancelled as we are based in woodland.

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