Jungle Dollars Nottingham

Jungle Dollars

If you like the look of what we offer, but are not sure which activity to buy as a gift.

Why not purchase some Jungle Dollars? These can be redeemed against any of the activities we offer vouchers for.

Jungle Dollars are valid for 12 months and you do not need to select an activity date when you purchase the voucher. This can be chosen by the recipient.

What you get for your Jungle Dollars in Sherwood Forest

Jungle Dollars give the recipient total flexibility, the Dollars are used just as you would use £££ so you get to give them an experience they get to pick which experience that is, you get to spend what you are comfortable with and if the lucky recipient wants to do something that’s more than the Dollars they have been given they simple pay the difference so there is no waste.

Key Points about your voucher

Adrenalin Jungle vouchers are valid for 12 months so if we know this is a Christmas present or for a birthday in the future then we are happy to pre date the voucher so it goes live on the right date giving the recipient the full 12 months to book to come along.

We run events through the year but also guarantee open sessions for small groups on the 1st Sunday of every month so if you are just buying a voucher for 1 person you can be confident there will be open sessions that the voucher holder can come along to.

Each voucher has a unique voucher number which is all the voucher holder needs to book themselves in

How the voucher recipient will book the Voucher

Our vouchers are valid for 12 months, when you receive the voucher it will have a unique voucher number so to redeem a voucher in Nottingham they just give our events co-ordinators a call on The Adrenalin Jungle number 01623 883980 quote us the voucher type i.e. Jungle Dollars, tell us the value, the voucher number and have a couple of dates in mind when you would like to come along.

How to Purchase a Voucher

To purchase a Jungle Dollars  voucher for our Nottingham venue it’s simple – just click on the ‘book now’ button below and follow the steps as prompted where you will be able to enter details about who is receiving the voucher who is giving the voucher and put a personal message as well as picking the value of the Jungle Dollars you wish to purchase however if you would rather talk Human to Human give our events co-ordinators a call on The Adrenalin Jungle number 01623 883980.

Need More Info?

We understand that you may have questions or need more information prior to making a booking with us. If so please call and speak to one of our human beings on 01623 883980.

Or, Click here to Enquire Now by email if you prefer.

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