SEASONAL EVENTS – Santa Little Helpers @ £55 per person

Available from 1st November until the 1st Feb

Santa’s Little Helpers (minimum group size of 12 required to book this event)

As Santas helpers you need to collect the presents and deliver them to all the good boys and girls. Working as teams you compete against each other, meeting up in the base camp between activities for tea and coffee a little healthy banter!
Your 1st activity is The Fairy Forest Obstacle course where your team will need to take little Jonnys train up, over and round all the obstacles to deliver the presents intact in the quickest time.
Your 2nd activity is the Blindfold 4 x 4 gift deliveries where everyone will need to deliver presents into the chimneys as you drive past. Sounds easy until you remember that your driver is blindfolded and relying on their team mates to shout out instructions. Everyone has a chance to drive and deliver presents, though not at the same time!
Your final task is to “Catch Santa” where you will need to construct or build something, (similar to a scrapheap challenge) but we keep the details secret so no one has an advantage before the day.
The day concludes with the team scores and everyone receives a selection box or chocolate advent calendar.

The Santa’s Helper Includes:

  • Tea and coffee Free Of Charge for the duration of your event
  • Overalls to protect clothing:-
  • Selection boxes or chocolate Advent Calendar for each guest
  • Events Will be
  • The TOY Train Build
  • Blindfold 4 x 4 Gift Delivery
  • Reindeer Rescue 

How do I book this event?

Call the office or email to check the availability for the date you would like. To secure the booking you will need to book a minimum of 12 guests in and pay the £55 per person on credit card or provide us with a Purchase order number so we can invoice you. (N.B payments are strictly non-refundable so please only book and pay for guest you are 100% will be attending)

Need More Info?

We understand that you may have questions or need more information prior to making a booking with us. If so please call and speak to one of our human beings on 01623 883980.
Or, Click here to Enquire Now by email if you prefer.

What about the weather?

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather over Nottingham – but only in the event of high winds would the event be cancelled as we are based in woodland.

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