City Tour / GPS Challenge / Treasure Hunt’s in Nottingham

£179 (£17.90 p p) for 10 guests through to £380 for 30 guests (£12.66 p p)

An Ideal to see the sights of a new city or even your home town. Working with a Specialist Treaure Hunt company The Adrenalin Jungle can now offer you there Take Away or Bespoke Treasure Hunts.

Takeaway City Tour / GPS Challenge events
Self Run
Duration 2-3 Hours
10 to 150 participants
City Centre Locations
Ideal for social events, problem solving, promoting team work and team bonding

The unique Takeaway Treasure Hunt is an interactive activity that puts you in the driving seat and uses the latest smart phone technology to manage everything for you but please bear in mind for this event to work you will need aces to the internet so the phone will need a date package. No more scoring of answers or arguing over who has won; the state-of-the-art mobile technology takes care of this so that you can concentrate on the most important thing – winning!

The feature allows you to:
• Enter the game
• Create an amusing Team Name
• Request up to two lifelines for those clues you just cannot crack
• Verify your six digit Master Code
• Confirm your official finishing time so that you can see which team has won

The Takeaway Treasure Hunt PDF will be emailed out to you a minimum of 7 days prior to your event and contains all the necessary elements for you to run the event on the day – maps, clues, answer sheet, team tasks and instructions.

Everything is set up for you so all you need is a fully charged smart phone with date for each team and you are ready to go!

The Takeaway offers an extremely cost-effective activity for your group with no restriction on numbers.

Pack Prices
Pack Prices
Two Team Pack (for 6-10) £179.00 (for the event to work 2 teams are the minimum required)
Three Team Pack (for 11-15) £250.00
Four Team Pack (for 16-20) £320.00
Five Team Pack (for 21-25) £380.00
Additional Team Packs £60.00

How to book this event
To book a Treasure Hunt just give our events co-ordinators a call on The Adrenalin Jungle number 01623 883980.

Bespoke Treasure Hunts

Imagine a treasure hunt that was set up exactly where you wanted it, containing bespoke clues about your company, funny questions about your staff, branded to match your conference message and even some video questions being presented by your Chief Exec!

Bigger and better…
With enough tablets for groups of up to 700 people, and over 8 years experience, the creative team can build that perfect event to top off your conference, away day or annual celebration with style.
Any place… Anywhere
We can run our hunts in almost any city or venue in the world.

Bespoke Charging

As our bespoke treasure hunts are written specifically for you they will incur bespoke development fees depending on your requirements so for a bespoke event please give us a call and tell us your requirements.